Closing Process

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Closing on Your Home

When we’ve found a buyer for your home, the last thing you need to do is worry about whether or not there is a problem with the closing. That’s where we come in. We take care of all the details. Here are a few of the items we do to prepare for that all important closing.

When a contract comes in on your home, we:

  1. Negotiate contract with agent, sellers, and buyers.
  2. Once offer is agreed to, we make sure contract is signed and receipted with title company, option check goes to seller, and prequalification letter has been received.
  3. Make sure the seller’s disclosure is signed.
  4. Weekly follow ups on mortgage progress.
  5. Make sure all dates are followed.
  6. Get copy of inspection report and negotiate repairs, if necessary.
  7. Get copy of termite inspection.
  8. Make sure title company has all information it needs regarding mortgage, receipts, etc.
  9. Schedule closing.
  10. Weekly follow up with seller on progress of closing.
  11. Make sure walk through is complete.
  12. Review Closing Disclosure from title company.
  13. Make sure utilities are transferred.
  14. Meet at title company to sign closing papers and exchange keys.

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