Buyer's Brokerage

Representing You

Select a Buyer’s Broker

Choosing a great Buyer’s Broker can be one of the most important decisions you make when buying a home. Many buyers try to find a home by driving neighborhoods, calling off signs, visiting open houses and surfing the Internet.

While all these are all helpful, they won’t tell you what the market is doing, provide accurate sold information in the neighborhood you are interested in or make sure you are positioned favorably when making an offer.

A great Buyer's Broker will represent your best interests, working to make sure you get the best possible home in your price range. They will help you avoid many of the pitfalls of buying a property.

Disadvantages of Not Using a Professional

It's hard to know all the neighborhoods which might meet your needs. The agent you talk to on a sign or from an open house works for the seller, not you. As a listing agent, she is obligated to be honest and disclose defects of the house, but isn't obligated to disclose recent comparable homes sales or represent your best interests when negotiating a contract.

Most buyers aren't intimately familiar with resale trends for a given area or style of home nor have the resources or expertise to determine market value of a home. There is no one to guide you through the process of searching for, negotiating and buying a home with all its intricacies.

Reasons to choose a Buyer’s Broker

Leslie will work as a Buyer's Broker for you to get the best possible price and terms. She will expose you to all possible neighborhoods fitting your needs. Many of the best properties sell within a day or two. Looking alone, you may miss the best opportunities. As a knowledgeable, experienced broker, she can potentially save you thousands by insuring you have the information available to make informed decisions on market value and lifestyle choices. She has the resources for everything from inspectors to mortgage companies at her disposal. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything!

Your responsibilities in choosing a Buyer’s Broker

It is very important you take time to make sure you are comfortable working with your buyer’s agent. Not all agents make good Buyer’s Brokers. Read the Frequently Asked Questions section for ideas.

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